Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gone Thrifting...

Making the rounds to the different thrift stores in our area is something we've always loved to do!

It's a great way to save money on all the things you never knew you couldn't live without... ;)

Besides, it's good ol' fashion fun
(especially when you're with a carload of other people who enjoy it)!

One of my favorite finds of the day...
A metal basket with stamped pumpkins and leaves for only $1.75 (it was 1/2 off of $3.50)!
It was beginning to rust on the bottom, so Dad sprayed the inside of it for me with some clear spar urethane.

I filled it with excelsior moss and some tart green apples, and voila!

Here you can see the detail a little better,
especially if you click on the picture....

And here is the rest of what I purchased that day!
It totaled $9.00...
Not too bad, considering everything was in nice shape, and I rather needed a new lampshade to replace my 20 year old one!


  1. :)
    T'was a grand trip, yes?
    At first, when I was reading your post and I saw the basket, I was thinking, "man... that basket looks really familiar..." :D
    Well... IT WAS! lolz
    looks like you're putting it to good use, Lauren!
    Had a splendid weekend with you!

  2. I think I saw that shirt in Territory Ahead magazine for 45 bucks! :P love the basket!! You always did great work with stuff like that remember the flower arrangements in the model home? I shall have to go try this "thrifting" some day I need some new clothes!

  3. We love thrift shopping as well! Looks like you got some good deals!

    Mrs. Stricklen


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