Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye, Goodnews Sir Rusty Lancelot

- Goodnews Sir Rusty Lancelot -

{May 20, 1998 - June 4, 2010}

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Today was a difficult day for our family.
We had to put our faithful little dog Rusty to rest.

I write this with a heavy heart and teary eyes.
Well, that pretty much describes how we're all feeling right now.

All four of us have been sobbing.
Our eyes and noses are red from mourning
the loss of our wonderful companion.

The weather this afternoon was especially appropriate...
Dark clouds hovered overhead, lighting flashed,
and thunder cracked and rumbled.
It poured, too....
What timing.

Mom and I had to go to another book sale this morning, so we said our final goodbyes to Rusty before we left. It was really one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I held his head in my hands and looked into his cloudy eyes one last time and he kissed my nose.

And yes, I cried.
I've been crying all day, it seems.

Dad and Joseph took him to the vet's later in the afternoon after they'd built a nice wooden box for him... They brought him home and laid him on his pillow and set his collar and one of his favorite biscuits next to him.

Afterward, we placed him in the backyard.
Dad said a prayer, thanking God for giving Rusty to us for all those years. We each threw a shovelful of dirt in the hole as raindrops dripped from the magnolia branches.

...and we said goodbye...

I'm continually amazed at how loving dogs can be...
They give and give of themselves without asking for anything in return
{except maybe their dinner}!

He was so faithful to the very end.
He had so many health problems, yet was always so sweet.

How much I could learn from Rusty...

He loved sleeping in our pantry!

Here, he was sticking his nose out so he
could keep tabs on what was going on!

He loved wedging himself into tight places and falling asleep!
{taken a couple years ago}

Rusty and Molly were
good napping buddies...

I took these a couple months ago...

"To everything there is a season,

A time for every purpose under heaven:

A time to be born,
And a time to die;
A time to plant,
And a time to pluck what is planted;
A time to kill,
And a time to heal;

A time to break down,
And a time to build up;
A time to weep,
And a time to laugh;
A time to mourn,
And a time to dance..."
- Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

We love you, Rusty!

"The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away;
Blessed be the name of the LORD."
- Job1:21

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my previous post!
{I just responded to them.}

Tomorrow will be a long day, since we'll be attending a huge used curriculum
sale in Orlando and I have to get up at about 4:00 in the morning.
{Click here to see last year's post on it.}

Thankfully, it will be the last sale for a little while!
I'm getting a somewhat worn out...

Ah, well...
Hope you all have a good night.


  1. I am so, so, so, so, so, so sorry. I'm almost crying right now, and it takes a lot for me to cry. I'll pray for your family to be comforted. I know this is a rough time. Bye

    Because He lives,
    ~Learning Life's Lessons~

  2. Very nice tribute to a little guy who brought many smiles to a lot of people. Joel was very saddened to hear the news. Praying for you and the family Lauren.


  3. I am so sorry, Lauren! :( It sounds like Rusty was a very devoted puppy. I'll be praying for you and your family!!

    ~ Love & Hugs,
    Lindsay <3

  4. I'm sorry, Lauren. :( He sounds like he was a fantastic doggy! Praying for you and your family.

  5. Oh, Rusty!!! I love you, sweet boy!!! He was such a sweet dog, it makes me smile to think of him.

    Lauren, this was SO MOVING to read....I feel like bursting into tears right now!!

    Dear family....we shall be praying for your hearts to be comforted. I'm sure Molly will miss her buddy as well!

    Love to you all...
    ~ Jean Marie

  6. I am so so sorry Lauren. I know from experience how hard this can be. I am praying for you guys. Love you! <3

  7. That one true heart was left behind!
    "What feeling do we ever find
    To equal among human kind
    A dog's fidelity!"
    ~Thomas Hardy

    When Gabe came home with the news
    I am sure I detected a tear
    in his eye.

    The blessing of a dog named Rusty
    has given sweetness to your lives
    that will always be with you.
    This is a beautiful tribute.

    {{* *}}

  8. So sorry Lauren.... I understand your pain. But the Creator and perfect Sustainer will guide you continually and bring His comfort to your heart.


  9. I am so sorry for your loss, dearest friend. I will keep your family in my prayers as you are going through some sad moments! May the Lord be with you and comfort your family. Love you, Lauren! :)

    Your Sister In Christ,

  10. I am heartbroken right along with you all! We've had the same situation and I know how heartwrenching it is!

    Sounds like you've got some sweet memories to treasure.
    We're praying for you guys!

  11. Dear Lauren,

    Blessings to you and your family
    at this very difficult time. How
    well you described the joy and
    love that these amazing companions,
    created by the Lord, bring!

    Love in Christ,
    Mrs. L.

  12. Dearest Lauren,
    What a beautiful tribute...
    to your dog~ Rusty!
    I'll be praying for you and your
    family as you mourn the loss of
    your beloved companion.

    In Christ~
    Miss Jen


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