Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thoughts for this Lord's Day [five]

Pride is so very damaging and ruinous.  I have struggled with it many a time, and it is never easy to overcome.  It always brings about much frustration and confusion.  However, Christ is good to give us victory over our pride; what a relief it is to be able to stomp some of it out of one's life.

 [a glimpse of summer's end]

I would like to share some insight and wisdom from J.C. Ryle that might help to put the sin of pride into perspective....

"...they had been arguing about which of
 them was the greatest"
(Mark 9:34).

It is an dreadful fact, that pride is one of the
commonest sins which beset human nature.
We are all born Pharisees.

We all naturally think far better of ourselves
than we ought. We all naturally imagine that
we deserve something better than we have.

Pride is an old sin. It began in the garden of
Eden, when Adam and Eve thought they did
not have everything that their merits deserved.

Pride is a subtle sin. It rules and reigns in
many a heart without being detected, and
can even wear the garb of humility.

Pride is a most soul ruining sin. It prevents
repentance; keeps men back from Christ; checks
brotherly love; and nips in the bud spiritual desires.

Let us watch against it, and be on our guard.

Of all garments,
none is so graceful,
none wears so well, and
none is so rare,
as true humility.

-J. C. Ryle, 1857

May you have a truly blessed Lord's Day!

"A man's pride shall bring him low:
but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit. "
-Proverbs 29:23


  1. Thank God for the cool weather of fall! Oh...I live in Texas. Where was this picture taken Lauren?

  2. thank you Lauren for sharing this!

  3. Jansen... This was taken up in south Georgia (we live in Florida) a few weeks ago. Thanks for the comment!

    Charis... You're very welcome! :)


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